English and Math for Syrian Refugees

Languages: English, Arabic

We are continually sending tablets to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Turkey and are adding more resources to the tablets already there. We are looking for more English literacy resources at basic and intermediate levels and math lessons in Arabic to for secondary school topics.

Below is a list of topics we are looking to provide. If you see one that fits your knowledge base, click View to see what is already added and Add to contribute to the lesson.

Place Value and Fractions- القيمة والكسور
Perimeter, Area, and Volume- محيط، مساحة وحجم
Squares and Square Roots - مربعات وجذر تربيعي
Operating with Exponents- العمليات مع الأسس
Quadratic Equations- معادلة تربيعية

Reading Skills and Strategies
Reading Comprehension
Reading Skills and Strategies
Reading Comprehension
Research Skills
ESL Vocabulary for Immigrants to Canada
ESL Vocabulary - Shopping, Money, Finances
Learning Math without Words

About the Project

Since 2011, millions of Syrians have fled to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to escape the violence and chaos tearing apart their country. The rapid influx of children into already strained refugee camps has made it nearly impossible to accommodate all of them into a school system that was already extremely limited in the first place. And many of these Syrian students must take on jobs to support their families, forcing them to give up on their education. Now, there are 3 million Syrian children in refugee camps and only 3.8% of them have access to a proper education. These children face a huge risk of becoming a lost generation, and the mission of our #LearnSyria campaign is to change that.

In 2015 we launched #LearnSyria to send Rumie Tablets to children at a school in Reyhanli, Turkey, about a mile from the busiest boarding crossing to Syria. With your support, we were able to send them almost 1,000 more tablets and find tons of great learning resources to include on them. Results have been extremely positive, and we saw a positive impact on mental health, a new ability for students to learn on their own time after work, and increased capacities for schools (read more on our blog).

The huge impact and massive need has led us to expand #LearnSyria to other schools in Jordan and Lebanon so that more Syrian children can continue their education on their own time.

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