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The Problem

Millions of learners can't access the Internet's great educational resources.
You can help change that.

Their Stories

  • Alvin

    “I want to be a teacher.”

  • Raghaa

    “My dream is to become a doctor because it’s a noble job and I love to help people.”

  • Mohammed

    “My dream is to become an electrical engineer.”

  • Batool

    “I want to be a journalist.”

  • Emmanual

    “I hope to be one of the best mathematicians because I want to be a pilot.”

How We Can Fix It

1. Local education partners around the world identify what subjects are needed.

2. A community of volunteers like you gathers the best free digital resources.

3. The resources are downloaded on to offline-friendly technology and delivered to learners that otherwise lack access.

How You Can Help

If you can Google, you can help. Educator experience is an added bonus.

1. Pick a project.

2. Find apps, videos, and pdfs that will help the project's learners.

3. Share and organize them here on the LearnCloud.

Who Do You Want to Help?

​Learners around the world are eager to improve in literacy, math, science, and many more areas. You can make a difference in just a few minutes, starting right now.

Visit the LearnCloud

The LearnCloud is created by The Rumie Initiative, a non-profit from Canada.