Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC):
Calls to Action
Language and Culture

Rumie is bringing our innovative technological solution home to Canada, where Indigenous communities may not have access to current learning tools.

Focusing on the Truth and Reconciliation of Canada: Calls to Action, Rumie will provide libraries of offline resources which include content surrounding:
language, culture, and health.

How It Works

1. Find open source learning content

Search through content already available online or add your own materials.

2. Organize content into collections

Help the community organize content on specific topics into collections: ordered playlists that form lessons.

3. We add collections to our tablets

We work with local partners around Canada to bring relevant collections to eager learners who lack access.

Languages and Peoples


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Language names and dialects used on the LearnCloud are those which are preferred by Indigenous communities and language teachers and have come into general acceptance for the languages and dialects concerned. They are also subject to revision upon request.