Spanish Literacy in Guatemala

Language: Spanish

Our tablets are being used in Guatemala by children from grades 3-6 to improve their reading and writing skills in Spanish.

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About the Project

All Guatemalan youth are enrolled in primary school, but only 40% end up graduating from middle school. And since only 16% of the population has access to the internet, most people lack access to the troves of basic reading and learning materials available online for free. Access to these materials allows young people to practice reading and writing outside of a formal school setting, but without this access it's much more difficult.

Rumie is currently working with Pencils of Promise in Guatemala to address this issue. In the largely isolated Sololá region, hundreds of Rumie Tablets are being used by young students both in school and at home to improve their reading, writing and speaking skills in Spanish. These tablets include apps for building vocabulary and grammar skills, animated video storybooks that children can read along with, PDF worksheets for vocabulary, grammar and writing, and a library of e-textbooks and e-books for students from grades one to six. Together, these materials give students a library for the cost of a book that they can use without an Internet connection.

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