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Enriching The Curriculum in Rural Jamaica

About the Project

The schools and communities WCJ serves are amongst the most under resourced in rural Jamaica.

The schools lack infrastructure and basic resources. The communities experience high levels of unemployment, low literacy and have limited access to services and amenities. May 2019, WCJ piloted Rumie tablets at 4 multi-grade schools in rural Jamaica. The students and teachers were fully engaged with the devices and shared their belief that this would significantly improve the quality of education for learners.

WCJ’s goal is to not only improve access to education through technology, but to ultimately bring the students to the world, where they can have a significant and transformational impact.

How It Works

1. You find open-source learning content

Search through content already available online or add your own materials.

2. Add content

Add your content the the Rumie LearnCloud by clicking the Add buttons above.

3. Let the learning happen

Local educators review all content and curate the perfect library for their learners. Libraries get added to tablets and into the hands of eager learners.

Below is a list of topics we are looking to provide. If you see one that fits your knowledge base, click View to see what is already added and Add to contribute to the lesson.

PEP Gr. 4 Test Prep
PEP Gr. 5 Test Prep
PEP Gr. 6 Test Prep
Financial Literacy Gr. 1-3
Financial Literacy Gr. 4-6
Basic Math
Life Sciences
Mental Health Support
WASH (Water & Sanitation for Health)
Early Childhood Education

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