Basic Numeracy and Literacy in Tanzania

Languages: English, Swahili

Your work will also directly help Tanzanian children right away. We've delivered tablets preloaded with essential numeracy and literacy learning resources to a rural library in Tanzania, where children and young adults spend their free time developing these essential skills. Content added to this page will be reviewed by teachers and added to the tablets. Your expertise will make an impact on children in Tanzania and beyond – since there is a huge need for materials to teach basic numeracy and literacy skills, these valuable lessons will be used again in future projects.

With your support we've already come a long way in building this curriculum, but there's still more content needed. Below, we've listed the specific types of content needed for this project. Progress bars show whether we still need more content for a topic. If you see a topic that you are experienced in that needs content, click View to see what else is already available or Add to contribute to the lesson. You can also add supplementary content to a lesson that is already shown to be complete!

Vocabulary: Word Matching – Opposites
Vocabulary: Word Matching – Singular/Plural
Vocabulary: Word Sorting – Rhyming words
Vocabulary: Songs With Pictures and/or Actions
Vocabulary: Word Searches
Number Identification: Matching Numbers with Their Written Names
Number Identification: Drawing Numbers of items Based on the Number Given
Number Identification: Oral Reading of Numbers
Number Identification: Video Introducing Numbers
Quantity Discrimination: Counting Numbers of Objects

Vitabu vya hadithi vyenye lugha tatu: Kiingereza/Kiswahili/Kimaasai

Vitabu vya hadithi vyenye lugha mbili: Kiingereza/Kiswahili

Misamiati: Maneno yenye kufanana herufi za mwisho
Misamiati: Chemshabongo za kutafuta maneno
Misamiati: Panga Herufi Vizuri
Misamiati: Herufi Zinazokosekana
Misamiati: Kitu Kisichohusiana na Vingine
Kutambua namba: Kuchora idadi ya vitu kwa kuangalia tarakimu
Kutambua namba: Mchezo wa kumbukumbu unaotumia namba
Kujumlisha: Kujumlisha vitu kwenye picha mbili
Kutoa: Michezo
Kuzidisha: Kuzidisha kwa kuangalia picha

About the Project

Villagers in rural Tanzania have to pay to maintain their primary schools and can rarely afford to. As a result, teachers and students have very few educational resources available, making the learning experience difficult and cumbersome. Improved access to even the most basic learning resources – such as dictionaries, maps and encyclopedias – could invigorate the education system and empower children to learn in a way they couldn't before.

Enter the Rumie Tablet, which works offline and delivers libraries of free learning content for less than the cost of a textbook. We have delivered hundreds of Rumie Tablets to children in rural Tanzanian villages to teach them basic numeracy and literacy skills. The tablets give children a way to learn on their own time, so that if they cannot go to school they are not left behind. And children who are able to go to school have access to interactive learning materials to support remedial learning.

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